Jack Frost fragrance; Lavender Woods & Honey


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Jack Frost- Fragrance:  Lavender, Woods & Honey

Jack Frost is traditionally said to leave the frosty, fern-like patterns on windows on cold winter mornings (window frost or fern frost) and nipping the extremities in cold weather. Over time, window frost has become far less prevalent in the modern world due to the advance of double-glazing, but Jack Frost remains a well-known figure in popular culture. He is sometimes described or depicted with paint brush and bucket coloring the autumnal foliage red, yellow, brown, and orangeTales of Jack Frost may originate from Anglo-Saxon and Norse winter customs. Jack has an entire chapter named after him in Kalevala, the Finnish national epic compiled from their ancient oral tradition.There are various other mythological beings who take on a similar role yet have a unique folklore to them. In Russia, he has taken on a different form as Grandfather Frost, and in Germany there is instead a different entity altogether known as Mrs. Holle. The Hindu Kush mountain range is named after stories of a resident giant who would to kill (kesh) those who attempted to pass, and has been compared to England’s Jack Fros


Jack frost

Look Out!  Look out!

Jack frost is about!

He’s after our fingers and toes;

And all through the night ,

The gay little sprite

Is working where nobody knows.

Hel’ll climb each tree,

So nimble is he,



His silvery powder he’ll shake

To windows he’ll creep

And while we’re asleep

Such wonderful pictures he’ll make.

Across the grass

He’ll merrily pass,

And change all it’s greenness to white.

Then home he will go

And laugh ho, ho, ho!

What fun I have had in the nighty



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