Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk Lotion – Luxurious!


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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Milk Lotion – contact for which fragrance:  Black Rose & Spice, Pumpkin Cardamom,  Sauvie Island, Oregon, Witches Brew(Patchouli)
You will feel like Cleopatra! So luxurious and creamy. I have to say I am hoarding these bottles! A soap customer was after me to make lotion and a year later – I finally did it! The process of cleanliness that is involved can be intimidating – but not anymore! Everything is sanitized with bleach and alcohol. Every surface and every utensil/bowl!

I did use a preservative even though I pasturized the milk.
Please check out on Quixotic Acres facebook to see the goats that made your lotion possible! Gosh I LOVE them to death!

More lotion to come!


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