Organized Chaos – Fragrance – Somali Soul


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Organized Chaos- Fragrance:  Somali Soul – woody notes and real sandalwood oil brightened with notes of lemongrass. It is a perfect unisex perfume and loved by men and women alike. Compare to Lush® brand Smuggler’s Soul™

As one person put it, “Move over Marie Kondo”!  I have always felt that the road to your destination should be just as enjoyable as your destination.  Harry Chapin’s song, “Greyhound lyricIt’s got to be the going not the getting there that’s good.”  With that said, that outlook creates chaos.  I stop and talk to most anyone, I pullover for anything that looks interesting.  This can look to an outsider to be scattered, but I am constantly cataloging my experience to be able to scaffold it’s meaning to the rest of my life.  My house also reflects this.  Everything gets finished, but I try not be constrained by my initial creative want and I TRY to be open to what the project must become.  You all can clean my house – when I’m dead!  I’ve got stuff to do NOW!  Organized Chaos!


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