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Thanksgiving Day – Fragrance –acknowledgment Autumn spice with ginger cookie
At the feast in 1621 there is no evidence that the Wampanoag were invited.
In fact, the first encounter with the Wampanoag people, Pilgrims stole the tribe’s winter provisions.

“Thanksgiving” celebrations by European settlers often marked brutal victories over Native people, like the Pequot Massacre of 1636 or the beheading of Wampanoag leader Metacom in 1676.

Here are some things that you can do to show reverence and help combat the Native erasure of this holiday:
• Celebrate Indigenous cuisine – add a recipe
• Take a moment to learn and teach history of the Native people
• Acknowledge whose land you are on at this very moment. Plug your zipcode in at : https://native-land.ca/resources/territory-acknowledgement/
I am 53188 I am on the land of:
Kiikaapoi (KickapooPeoria Bodéwadmiakiwen (Potawatomi)  Myaamia Waazija (Ho-Chunk / WinnebagoOčhéthi


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