Quicksand – Everything’s just peachy! – Fragrance Market Peach goat milk soap


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Quicksand – Everything’s just peachy! – Fragrance Market Peach
I was listening to RadioLab when the subject of quicksand came up. Why aren’t kids afraid of quicksand anymore?

Sand box play used to be big – playing with water and sand…aaaaah – quicksand!!! I remember this as a kid! In the 1990’s sandboxes all but disappeared as a warning of asbestos possibly in the sand made parents and schools rethink the safety of these adventure boxes.

Along with the danger of sand came the movie industry backing away from quicksand. The first quicksand scene was in 1909. By the 1930’s, 1 in 500 movies had quicksand. In 1960’s 1 in every 35 had a quicksand scene. Then the scenes migrated to TV in the 1980s. “My Little Pony” had a quicksand scene and slowly quicksand became a joke. On the show “Lost” (remember time travel and polar bears) quicksand was mentioned at a writing workshop. Eyes rolled….no people wouldn’t believe that could happen!

The quicksand phenomenon could be found everywhere. The Space race: the landing of the spaceship was questioned. A Cornell astronomer, Thomas Gold and mathematician Leonard Roberts warned that the spaceship may not be able to land because the moon could be made of quicksand.

Martin Luther King Jr. uses quicksand reference in “I have a dream” speech. ‘now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood.”
War, equal rights, and venturing into space had everyone worried they were getting sucked into the quagmire.


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