Succulent Spring – Fragrance: Wise Sage: Green fresh scent with a desert sage undernote.


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Succulent Spring – Fragrance:  Wise Sage:  Green fresh scent with a desert sage undernote.

Succulents are a great source of symbolism due to their longevity and ability to survive even in difficult conditions. Succulent plants are best known for their incredible and distinct characteristics. They can survive in any type of conditions. Also, they can effectively retain water which is essential for its survival. Since they are rich in water, then they can keep their bodies healthy.

Succulent plants can represent a lot of things including tenacity, determination, life, endurance, perpetual love, eternal relationships, longevity, perseverance, good fortune, peace, yearning, wealth, devotion, growth, loyalty, focus, survival, love of nature, prosperity, and many more. Succulent plants signify a lot of things to many people.


Surviving in this challenging world is not easy. Succulents such as cacti show us tenacity and determination. These plants can thrive and reproduce new plants even from the droppings of their leaves. Succulent plants can withstand any harsh conditions. They can survive anywhere most especially in areas where most plants are struggling to thrive.

This is a great reminder for us that even if we are in the darkest situations of our lives, we should not give up. Anything can be possible. Having determination and the right attitude can help you succeed after suffering the worst things in life. Succulent plants do not avoid suffering, yet they thrive to survive.

By seeing how tenacious and highly surviving succulents are, it helps us realize that we should not be easily discouraged by any negative situations that will come our way. The most important thing is to stay focused and determined with your goals in life.

Keep reminding yourself that you are capable of doing something meaningful and extraordinary in your life if you just live life and endure difficult situations. If you desire to become better, then you must have the right attitude and the determination that you can successfully change your life.


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