The Tell-Tale Heart Goat Milk Soap


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Boom, Boom….Boom, Boom…. Edgar Allen Poe’s shortest story, delicously lays out in economic form the behavior of the killer as he/she describes with intensity his innocence. We learn early on (foreshadowing) that the narrator is nervous and that he is insane, though he sees these things as that the disease has sharpened his senses. The main symbolism in the story is the eye, which represents eveil and the heart, which symbolizes the narrator’s guilt and conscience. It is never known if the narrator is a woman or a man… Make this part of your Halloween repertoire!

The fragrance is Maple Bacon – my dark humor at work!

This soap was a little bugger to work with, but in the end looks fantastic! It really looks like it’s on a piece of wood. It is a reall chunk of soap – and will last longer than this poor victim’s heart did (evil laugh)!

Please contact me if you want multiple soaps for better shipping costs!


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