Wisconsin Corn- fragrance Santal-goat milk soap


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Wisconsin Corn – Fragrance – Santal – cardamom and sandalwood with leather, earthy iris and musky ambrox
Wisconsin is one of the top corn-producing states in the nation. Farmers grow grain corn on 2.97 million acres.
Don’t confuse grain corn for corn silage or sweet corn. They are all different and so are their uses. Grain corn is used a s feed for cows, pigs and poultry, as well as in the generation of ethanol, corn oil and corn starch and other non-food products. Corn silage is chopped and fermented before being fed directly to livestock. Sweet corn is what humans enjoy every summer from their local farmer or buy at the stores fresh, canned or frozen.
In 2020, Wisconsin corn growers harvested over 516 million bushels on 2.97 million acres (equivalent to 174 bushels per acre). A bushel is 56 pounds. Growers received an average price of $3.70 per bushel, which is below what it costs for many farmers to plant grow and harvest the crop.
Wisconsin corn is mainly used for livestock feed, ethanol production, exports or food.
Sources: USDA NASS

The design first was going to be “Children of the Corn”, but I was asked to do more “kid” friendly designs to add for a Harvest festival I’m doing. I am so glad I changed it! I’m in love with this design. I was shaking while I was piping this.
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